Monday, June 1, 2009

a little 411

I've decided i'm not a good blogger. i have plenty i want to share, but then i get lazy or think people don't want to read my rants & happenings. but, i vow to get better. plus, if i don't have pictures to post it can be LAME. i digress...
anyway, over memorial day weekend we went camping in the rain. i wanted to tell about how i love to watch my husband build a fire...he does it so specifically and intensely. i wanted to tell about our hikes in the rain, which were so fun. one was like walking through ferngully (anyone remember that movie?). i wanted to tell you about our gourmet camping meals, then of course how we cheated and went to Daniel Boone Inn in Boone to chow down on some family style dining. i was hoping for fried chicken and green beans...i got that and so much more. we had a great time camping...but we have so much to learn about car camping with kids. looking forward to lots of adventures. oh, and i forgot our pics of our time in the mountains. boo on me!!
so, this week is big...wednesday we'll be finding out what our little one is...a boy or a girl. i should set up one of those poll things to see what everyone thinks. too much trouble to figure out.
then, i leave saturday for a week at Frontier Ranch with girls (will post more later on this). i'm super excited, but also realized it'll be the longest adam and i are away from each other. sad.
that's what's going on here..hope to have lots of pictures to post & camp.

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Anonymous said...'re a great blogger. Now what's this about everyone thinking you're having a boy??? Your baby will be precious no matter what.... (but I hope it's a GIRL....)For now I anonymous MOM