Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the little lady is 5 months!

I am crazy about our sweet little lady. She is pretty incredible. And these past five months have been simply amazing. One part of this is watching Adam be a dad. He was made to be her dad. I love the way he plays with her, takes care of her, is in tune with her, dreams and hopes for her, and isn't ashamed to love her with a crazy dad kind of love. We are fortunate right now b/c our life allows for him to spend a lot of time with her. I am so thankful.
There are definitely moments I kind of forget we have a baby. Like the other night I suggested we both go get a Red Box. Really? But, most of the time I can't remember or imagine what life was like without Charis Root.

We have seen a lot of change in these past few weeks and of course I want to share it with you:

here she is at 5 months!!
- Charis has really discovered her voice. Today she extremely vocal with her "aaahhhh aaahhhs." We'll be driving with the windows down and I'll hear her in the back, then when I talk to her, she quiets down. But lately she seems to be talking back (in a good way).

don't ask, but that is her on her potty
- We have noticed her scooting around while she's on her tummy. She puts her butt in the air and gets up on her knees. I'm not really ready for her to crawl, but it's fun to watch her explore.
- We had a few firsts: her first lacrosse game, her first Easter, her first walk in just her diaper.

this was after our walk in the million degree weather
- She loves loves loves to be outside. If she is crying, the moment we go outside she is quiet and looking around. It's as if it calms her. This is great b/c we love to be outside!
- She is back to her binky. I think. She's been a thumb-sucker mostly, but recently she's wanting her binky. Now she can manipulate it by putting it in mouth and pulling it out and playing with it. It's the little things.

- We recently had an appointment with a Lactation specialist and realized she hadn't gained any weight in 3 weeks. So, last week she was 13 lbs 7 oz (she was 13.8 at 4 months). She has the rolls and chins, but I guess she wasn't getting enough food. I'm on some medicine to help "production" and we have a follow-up appointment next week.

- Some of her favorite toys are her "first doll" that she sleeps with, her car seat toy, a new teether, her bouncy and play mat, her alphabet links, and really anything she can put in her mouth.
- When we pull her up she likes to stand on her strong legs.

- One thing that is so cool is how she already has preferences. She prefers to sleep on her tummy. She prefers to be held upright. She prefers to be facing out (if not, she twists her head just so). She prefers to have her hands or a toy to put on her mouth (at all times).

sometimes i think she may say something
- She is giggling more and more. Especially when her daddy smooches on her.
- She loves to read. She reaches out to the pages of the book as I read.

sweet giggles

Charis' sweet cousin Cole LOVES her


Kristin said...

Happy 5 Months to Charis! I see that personality coming out more with each post Amy and can tell what a charmer she is. She is precious and such and angel. As always I love what you write about your love for her and your family. XOXO

nancy said...

love your blog... i actually look at the pictures EVERY DAY. i can't stop looking at her... that's like saying... "stop breathing." i love her so much..