Saturday, April 10, 2010

Play Date

my little flower girl
I am loving this weather. I want to be outside all the time. So we are. We had our first official play-date the other day. I know, how does a 5 month old have a play date? Basically we met some friends at a local park and hung out.

Meet Taryn. She and I went to high school together at West Charlotte. She was funky, artsy, quiet, and oh so cool. I wanted to be her friend so bad. Then, it happened. I think it happened while we were on the swim team together, then in Biology our senior year. My influence in her life was spring break '96 and a full set of acrylic nails for prom. I mean, go big or go home. We talked about going to the same college, but that didn't work out for me. We lost touch after our sophomore year of college and only recently stumbled back into each others' lives. (at the perfect time) And for that I am so thankful. She is now married and has a beautiful daughter. Meet Nora Fern. This lovely lady is funky and smart like her mama. Charis loved her as she sang to her on the blanket at the park. Nora is 2 going on 15. She was talking about how she was going to high school. Her mama uses big words like "carcasses" with her. I hope Charis and I get to keep spending more time with these 2 amazing ladies.

Nora showing Charis her raisins

Nora kept bringing me my coffee cup

Charis loving Nora as she sang her rendition of
"Rock-a-bye Baby"

ready for high school!


nancy said...

Nora Fern is adorable. How fun that you guys found each other. I think it is one of those hidden treasures that you find later in life. I just found my childhood friend and it was like finding a long lost sister. It will be fun for them to go on more "play days" together. As always, I look at Charis's pictures everyday!! I hate being so far from her.
Love you

Taryn said...

Aw shucks. These photos are super sweet and I can die happy now that I've been officially blogged about. Sigh. Acrylic nails aside, you enriched my life with love and laughter, my hilarious outspoken friend. You are one of my favorite people on this planet and I am so glad we've reunited. xo.