Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It is Kind of Weird when you think about it

I didn't celebrate Halloween growing up. Maybe my radical parents thought it was too evil of a holiday. (they weren't radical or crazy, FYI) All I know is I wanted candy. When we were allowed to dress up for school they wouldn't buy us a costume, so we were usually doctors because my mom was a nurse and could get us all the gear. The first year they let us go trick-or-treating I was in the 5th grade and I was a "bum." Oh, and I do remember getting dressed up as a young kid for Noah's Ark at church. Oh, to each his own.

This is why one should celebrate the holiday...

And the candy. I am nervous about the whole knocking on a stranger's door to get candy since I didn't grow up doing it. And really it is weird. But totally worth it. And dressing up overwhelms me because I'm not creative and I feel such pressure. Hence the "bum" costume in 5th grade. But now that we have Charis I get to invest in fun costumes for her and share her candy. Who wouldn't want to do that!?

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Anonymous said...

hope you and daughter had lots of fun...dressing up,knocking on those doors and getting the candy treat!!!!