Monday, November 8, 2010

This is what ONE looks like

A part of me cannot believe Charis is one. But part of me can. We have definitely had a full year. And in a lot of places and moments Charis has made it more joyful and more delightful. God is using her to change us. She is the best surprise I've ever had and I'm so thankful for her. Here is a look back at how she has grown.

on her "birth" day

1 was a cold december

2 months...already those big chocolate soup eyes

3 months...yummy & cuddly

4 months...coming to work with mommy in pink camo

5 months...chillin

6 months...gummy bear for sure!!

7 months...became more active

8 months...peace & love

9 months...seriously?!

10 months...the signs became pointless

11 months...already reading

12 months=1 year!! happy monkey

Her birthday party was a blast and amazingly wonderful thanks to my super sweet and incredible friend, Jen. I picked "Giving Tree" to be the theme and Jen ran with it. Every detail was thought out and special from the "giving tree" cake & party favor cookies to the kiddie snacks and fun parachute game. We had a blast celebrating our little lady this past weekend. (i will post pics/video soon)

I feel like her personality has been bursting out in the past few months. So it isn't like all of a sudden she's a different child. She does seem to change daily in the slightest ways. She is still sweet, curious, determined, serious, playful, and so much more. I notice some independence too which I'm trying to learn how to nurture without it defining her (part of my own story). It's been fun to watch her as she discovers her voice, like she playing around with sounds. She LOVES to dance, whether it's to her daddy's voice, a commercial jingle, or the radio. She will either shake her little booty or move her whole body to the "music." She's at about 22 pounds of pure cuddliness and we are still waiting for teeth. But we all know that has not kept her from eating just about anything...birthday cake, squash casserole, tomato soup, carrots, and even her poo. (another post all together)

Happy Birthday to our sweet little lady...we are forever thankful and changed by your life.

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Theanne and Baron... said...

Happy Birthday're a darling little lady!!! You've got the best Mom and Dad ever!