Tuesday, May 17, 2011


*excuse the explicit language in this post.

i was called a fuckhead on the road the other day. i was driving up to one of those intersections where there is a main road and a side road. i was on the side road wanting to turn left on the main road. the right light went straight and the left lane was a turning lane. there were 3 cars in the right as i drove to a stop at the light. i heard a honk but figured it was someone else. the light turned green and i approached the intersection. as i did a black Cadillac came up on my right (maybe the 3rd car in the right lane), slowed down, honked, yelled "fuckhead" at me, and flipped me off as he drove through the intersection. i was focusing on turning when i could while being completely dumbstruck by what just happened. my first thought was "wow, what just happened." then my next thought was, "someone had a rough day." then i briefly thought, "i hope he gets in a wreck." then i came to my senses and thought maybe i should pray for the dude. i mean, he was so mad. i feel sorry for the guy.

i never understand how someone can get so mad. did he think i made my own lane as i drove past him on the left to my position at the light? did i get to close to his black caddie? did he have a bad day at work? did his wife just leave him? was he coming from a doctor's appointment where he just heard bad news? is he just a grumpy old man? i don't know the answer to any of these questions. what i do know is that i didn't do anything to elicit the name "fuckhead." although now that i've typed it 3 times it is growing on me. i drove home stunned and feeling really sorry for the guy. i'm just thinking life is too short. and maybe he was too...life is too short for me not to yell "fuckhead" to this lady in the subaru. maybe? nah, that's a bit much.

be kind to other drivers today.

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