Sunday, May 15, 2011

garage sale season

i LOVE a bargain. i wouldn't say i'm a shopper, i mostly shop out of boredom. clearly not a wise thing. but i've been going to garage sales since i was a kid. i love waking up early and checking out other people's trash (& treasures). the jackpot is when you hit a neighborhood sale. anyway. yesterday i went out just to get out, not looking for anything in particular. i found some retro earrings for 50 cents and a lawn mower toy for 1 buck in the neighborhood sale. they had lots of good things but nothing i really needed. then on my way home i saw a a pulled up to the house, i thought, "i've hit the jackpot." upon further discovery it was a mess. one woman commented, "it looks like they cleaned out their closets and dumped everything for us to go through." it made me laugh out loud. even with the mess they had great being this step 2 coaster that was on my garage sale list. (i know the pic is super small but that's all i could get)

and i got it for 5 bucks. yes, 5 bucks. you may be wondering what the retail price is...$109.99. i also found a pair of barely worn rainbows for 4 bucks. and a small see & say for 50 cents. i was so excited. that is what i love...when i am really looking for something and i find it, and find it cheap.

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Blair said...

what a find!!! i wish we had more productive yard sales here. i'm going to have to come yard saling in charlotte one saturday soon!