Friday, August 19, 2011

a doctor's visit

i know a few doctors. i'm not trying to be funny. what i mean is that i have a few friends that are doctors. and since my diagnosis i often wonder what it's like for them as i sit in the room awaiting life changing news or for a check up. i have to say that i think i have some pretty great doctors. i don't doubt any of their knowledge or skill when it comes to caring for me. what i do have to say is that some are just more socially...uh, i can't think of the right word. let's say that some are just more socially appropriate, maybe? or just more social or personable. i can't imagine what it's like for a doctor when they have to tell a young woman that she has cancer. not once but twice. my cancer doctor has a great reputation. we heard recently that he may be one of the best in charlotte and even the state. wow. i don't doubt that. i just have had some interesting conversations with him in the past year. and i just had to share this most recent one.

Door opens

Dr.: “So, are you ready to get this taken care of?”

Me: “yes”

Dr..: “ you know, in all my years of doing this no one has ever said ‘no.’”


Doctor proceeds to roll down right shirt sleeve

Dr.: “well it’s a good thing I’m wearing long sleeves….”

Patient sits waiting and wondering where he is going with this

Dr. continues: “…because I might have some things up my sleeve.”


Doctor then begins to talk about some legit things coming “down the pipeline” that may be helpful in treatment.

Doctor begins examination. Do not talk to him with his sthesascope in b/c apparently they are noise cancelling.

Note: this doctor rarely leaves time for questions, much less asks if there is anything else. Yet he talked of being “paranoid” which is why he’d like to see me 10 days post chemo.

Doctor wraps up to leave

Patient: “oh wait, I wanted to let you know that I’m going to go see a doctor at Duke named Kimberly Blackwell. I called Helen and told her Monday.”

Patient was ready to give her many reasons why this is necessary but was surprised that she didn’t need to.

Dr. L: “yeah, I know her. I haven’t seen her in a while. Maybe 3 weeks. But I know her. She’s tall. She’s probably about my height.”

Doctor exits

Conversation between patient and husband goes something like this:
“seriously?! He has nothing to say about her specialty or work or anything. What he chooses to leave us with is, ‘she’s tall.’” “of course he had to say he knew her twice.”

so, there you go. it's as if you went with me. i still laugh at this exchange b/c i can't believe all he told me about this particular doctor (who is a specialist in MY type of breast cancer and works primarily with young women) is that she is tall. my appointment with her is the 29th and i'll be sure to report on her height.


Chrisann said...

Oh my goodness - that is hilarious. We have some good friends that are doctors and they indeed struggle a bit on the social scale! I think there are so many brains up there that the other aspects of interaction just get squished out. Of course, when it comes to treatment - better smart than witty - eh? Hope the visit with the "tall" doctor is truly helpful. Blessings!

blair jones said...

hahahahaha. i'm going to forward this to my sister. she's a GI doc and does tons of colon-oscopies. i wonder what is appropriate to say to someone before you do that!

on a side note....she does have the funniest stories to tell me about her patients and some of the things they've said while under sedation, like "hey, do you see my keys in there? i'm always losing them" hahahahaha

nancy said...

so sorry.... seems like blah...blah..blah.. blah... hope you like the gal at Duke.

maggietb said...

Bahahahaha...WOW! Thank you for sharing this! Amy- we love You, Adam and Charis dearly and are praying for you all. By the way, my phone "auto corrects" Charis to charisma...which I thought was neat. Maybe. I don't know. I don't really know what to say- other than how much we love you guys. I have praying for your treatment all morning since I read on Caring Bridge that you had an appointment. I have been behind on your journal entries and this is my first time visiting your blog, but I am now caught up. So sorry to hear of your dad, chuck's, recent troubles. Please know that I am praying for him and your stepmom as well. Im not really sure how to close...but we love you!