Thursday, August 18, 2011

the yard in pictures

as promised here are some pictures of the yard. some guys from church came over and worked with adam to destroy what had become our jungle. i should have done a before picture. just imagine greenery creeping up the house and bushes so full you could only see the top half of the house.

let's just say i've never seen this half brick wall before. bushes were hedged so much that we won't be able to walk around the house nude. i mean--who does that anyway!?

a little explanation here...while mowing they discovered that bees/yellow jackets or some sort of bad stinging bug lives underground. they bury holes in the ground (sometimes where a dead tree once lived) and the only way to get rid of them is to pour gasoline in their hole at night then "plug" the hole with a bottle. we did this twice...they should be dead now but i'm not so sure. i think they have an underground resort.

dead dogwood. sad.

i have no idea what the hell these bushes are called. i just know as i child i would run my fingers down it's "leaf" and cut myself. i did this countless times as if one time it wouldn't cut me. it always did. we have a set of about 5-7 of these on both sides of our driveway. this one even had a couple; yes a couple, trees growing out of the center. it appears the guys destroyed these. the only sad part is i think a family of bunnies lived in this one. i hope they found a new place.

this is about 40 feet of yard waste. we got a hate letter (not really) from the yard waste guys telling us we should have bagged it all and next time we won't get a pick up if it's not bagged. ouch.

the finished pretty.


Sara & Phil said...

Wow the yard looks great! We called it saw grass in our yard. Awful stuff!

Blair said...

oh wow!!!! it looks FAB!

nancy said...

Oh WOW... God bless those guys. I can't believe it about the bees. whe have them in July and August and they are as big as my little finger. REALLY. Love Love Love you three more than air!!!

Lindsay Boner said...

looks so beautiful and puurrtyy!!!