Thursday, September 4, 2008

my 2 cents about T.V

I just wanted to get on a soap box...not that I really know what one is. I digress...

So, this week I watched two Season Premiers. I claim that I watch such shows because I do Young Life..."it's what the girls are watching." And that's true. But, it is extremely disturbing to me what is on television these days. Shows that paint this glamorous picture of high school. High School isn't glamorous and it isn't supposed to be. Is that wrong of me to say?

You've got Gossip Girl that shows a group of Upper Eastside NY teens who are absolutely gorgeous. They have more money than anyone can imagine..they have all the best things. They wear lingerie and drink martinis. Granted, I went to West Charlotte, but I don't think that this is how most teenagers live. Then, you have 90210, a re-release of the 1990's classic. Once again a parking lot full of ridiculously expensive cars and beautiful kids. But, kids that at 15 are wearing corset-type tops to school. Really?! Is that allowed these days? The girls I know in high school say that they have dress codes and can't even wear a tank top to school.

Now, I know these aren't real. Most of us watch television as an escape from "reality." But I can't help but think that there must be a part of our mind that thinks "this is how it should be" or "if only I had that or looked like that...." The lies we hear from our world and our culture are disturbing as it is, but is it necessary to penetrate at such a young age?

I was thinking back to shows I watched growing up. There was 90210, but I never got into it. Then--the one show I was thinking about that depicted teenagers was "Saved by the Bell." A classic. And this past Saturday we got to watch a re-run. They weren't wearing next to nothing or participating in lewd acts in the parking lot. But, I'm also not sure they were depicting real life either. You definitely have your "cool kid," "jock," "nerd," "hot girl," etc. But I think high school is about more than where one's locker is or seat in class. (as this episode was about) Nonetheless, it was easy to watch. Kelly wasn't trying to seduce Zach in some skimpy lingerie.

I missed GG this week and will probably opt out of watching 90210 tonight. But- a part of me still wants to see what "they" are watching even though it shocks me still. And hopefully along the way I can have some meaningful conversations with high school girls.

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