Wednesday, September 10, 2008

swimming, dancing, & eating

Mady doing her Thriller dance
Lily doing her Thriller dance

Charlie getting ready for the need your Shark goggles for this!

we got to hang out with my cute nieces and nephews over Labor Day. i love them. here are some snap shots of the crazy kids in my family!

Charlie (6) is one of the most passionate kids you'll ever meet! next is Julian Cole, he's almost 2 and is rotten to the core! when i ask him to say "amy" he says "NO!" well, okay.
next is a sweet one of Mady (10) and Julian sitting by the pool. Then, in the purple life-vest-swimsuit sort of thing is Lily, one of the cutest 3-yr olds ever!! this was one of many pics of her dancing to THRILLER. The one of the boys in the water are Isaiah (11) and is little bro, Julian. they just adore each
we had a fun day at Pap Pap & Nana's.

('s obvious that i have no idea how to post pictures on this thing!!)

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