Thursday, September 18, 2008

This is Ridiculous

Is it appropriate to use a blog to vent? i am.

So--our gas light came on in the honda last night. I prefer to get gas at Costco b/c usually it's cheaper. After last week's gas hording & gouging due to hurricane ike, we filled both our cars up. No problem. Well, you'd think so, until it's time to get gas this morning. I drove "all the way" to Costco to find it closed & empty. The station across the street...same thing. On my way towards the Dentist I passed a couple more that were down. UGH!!! ARe you serious that we live in a spoiled & developed country, but have run out of gas!? FINALLY...I see one with cars and pull in...they only had the low-grade, so I was in luck!! Relief. for now.

I was just so annoyed. Partly b/c I feel like I deserve to have everything (resources) available to me when I need/want them, probably b/c I live in a country that's created this in me. And partly b/c it's ridiculous that we ran out of gas (okay, not totally). We actually heard on NPR this morning that if the hurricanes get worse, the crisis will only get worse.

I'd like to be able to ride my bike anywhere or hop on a bus/train and not have to depend on gas. But, for now, I'm a slave to it.

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