Thursday, September 18, 2008

her passion overflows

our models...doing some "action" shots (i.e. walking)

our beautiful models jumping!!

our teacher and her beautiful self. i love her pregnant belly

just a quick nature shot of some mushrooms. i liked it
This past Saturday I got to be a part of "Smitten Photo Academy." My friend, Sharon Clark, has her own photography business and it's simply amazing. ( She actually did our wedding stationery which was so cool, but as she was discovering her passions she decided to solely pursue photography. And it's been such a joy to see. (since i check her blog daily)

A couple times a year she runs a 4-hour class on how to use your camera and take pictures. What I loved most was sitting at Sharon's feet as she shared her passion...not just of photography, but of capturing the lives of children, families, events, and so much more. It's also super cool that she is willing to share all her "secrets." I would imagine that she blesses the people on the other side of the camera every time she has a shoot. You should check her stuff out!!!

I have no desire to be in the picture taking business...I just want to know HOW to use my camera and take great pictures. here are few from that day. (clearly i CANNOT figure out how to put my text above my pictures without deleting them)

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