Sunday, February 6, 2011

15 months

Our little lady is 15 months. Unbelievable. She is such a blast and the most delightful little lady ever. I love being her mama and know that I was made to be her mama. I love watching Adam be her daddy. He is smitten for sure and is such a good daddy. Her personality is continuing to bloom. She's like a wildflower. There is so much to enjoy.

such a big girl! 15 months
- Charis got the Croup. It sounds so sketchy, but it's just a barking cough. I mean, not "just." It sounds so sad. I even thought it might have been the neighbor's dog. I finally (yes, I said finally) took her to the doctor on a Sunday (yeah I know, a Sunday) and she was officially diagnosed with "the Croup." It's sad when she's sick.

- She is a gummy bear or butterball. At the doctor she was such a big girl that she could get weighed on the stand up scale. She is 25 pounds. I don't know what percentile this is or any of that stuff. It doesn't really matter. I don't think. She'll have her official 15 month check-up next week.

sitting in her this picture

- We know how she got to 25 lbs...she loves food! And I love that she loves food b/c her mama and daddy love food. Recently I got a video of her chowing down by herself on pasta w/ chicken & broccoli and green beans. She was a mess afterwards. And so cute. She still eats about anything. Recently she was like a bottomless pit and I was afraid I was creating an emotional eater. I was spiraling out of control when I realized it could just be a growth spurt.

she's even trying the crayon
- She is walking! Since her first steps on January 15th she has gained more confidence and is toddling around. But if she wants to get somewhere fast she drops to her hands and knees and crawls. I love the way she walks.

tights & skirts are so cute

- She is communicating a ton. She uses lots of signs: baby, milk, duck, all done, more, please and car. She has also made up her own sign for 'go.' It amazes me how much she is able to understand. I mean- she is like a super soaker sponge just soaking it all in. She says lots of things too: daddy, go, Amy, ball, along with a ton of other "words" and sounds. She mimics a ton too. Things like, "I love you" and "cracker" and "I'm going to get you." Of course we think she is so smart. She is.

sitting in a booster reading the menu
- Charis is having more stranger danger. Or stranger anxiety. It's sad for us and for the people keeping her. But we are so thankful for the many friends who are keeping Charis for us so we can have a date.

- Charis went to a museum for the first time. While Adam's parents were in town we spent a couple hours at the Mint Museum. It was really nice and she was so good. Adam carried her in the backpack and she was a trooper.

checking out art w/ daddy the art was so inspiring

- She had her first trip to Myrtle Beach. We knew it would happen sooner or later. We wanted her to have a mini senior week and a glimpse of spring break. Uh, jk, we had a Young Life event down there. She did great in the car even when I thought I'd lose it. I think it's time we build a major highway from Charlotte to the beach. I'm just saying.

what happens in myrtle beach, stays in myrtle beach

- Charis has been spending lots of time with her sweet and pretty nieces, Jada and Jocelyn. She signs "baby" when they are here and for the most part just looks at them. When they cry she tries to give them their binkies. Sometimes she acts like they aren't there and almost walks on and over them. Soon enough they will all be playing together.

she's a giant next to them i mean--look at these two!

let me give you your binky

- I don't want to call her a diva, but when she wears her sunglasses that is the very word that comes to mind. She seems so proud as she wears them and I think we solved the problem of having the sun in her eyes since she actually keeps them on. I mean she's just the cutest.

she loved wearing her glasses on her wagon ride

- We think she is pretty curious too and extremely aware. She does things that amaze us. Recently I was telling Adam how she was looking at the birds out the window and when I said birds we heard her try to whistle from the back seat. I'm so serious. Stuff like that is crazy.

I realize these "updates" may be annoying for some. But I'm sure if you are annoyed you wouldn't even read my blog. But this is good for the grandparents. And I think we all like to "brag" a little bit about our kids. It's weird, I agree. I definitely had a bunch of ideas about being a mom before I was a mom. And I would say that all of them have not been blown to smithereens. There are still things that annoy me about parenthood, but it mostly comes from the outside. Charis is wonderful. And she has her normal "I'm-a-baby-and-can't-communicate-so-I'm-going-to-make-this-really-annoying-whiny-sound" moments.
We were talking with some friends about having a date night. They were saying how it wasn't until halfway through their date that they talked about their baby. I've heard this before from friends, that when they finally get out all they talk about is their kid(s). For us, there is so much for us to share and talk about when we finally get a night out AND since Charis has been such a source of joy for us during this hard time we relish in talking about the joys of being her mama and daddy.

getting ready for her bike ride
I have had a bunch of sweet moments with her lately and I've needed them. In those moments I feel a sense that God is real and He loves me so much.


Anonymous said...

Great post...Charis is so cute and growing so much! She is a blessing from God for you and your husband!

nancy said...

Oh you know how I love these posts! I read them over and over and love looking at the pictures...
OK I'm O-B-S-E-S-S-I-V-E
But I'm allowed to be because I'm her Nonni!! I love her so so much and you juat as much!! Can't wait to get my hands on her!! xoxo