Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Anti V-day B-day

with two valentines day birthdays in my family we don't celebrate valentines day, which is just a marketing ploy from Kay jewelers. i'm actually kind of glad it's adam' birthday. i think that single or married it has potential for disappointment. so, we don't share this day. it's strictly his day. i mean--i'm not trying to share my birthday with anyone. and if we are all honest, no one would want to. anyway

since his birthday is v-day and he turned the big 3-0 this year i really wanted to have a party for him. he was a little reluctant. we had an "anti v-day b-day" party at his favorite restaurant--Sir Ed's--on saturday night. he was able to enjoy being celebrated by friends and i am so thankful for that. we had a great time. you can't go wrong with good food, good friends, and good beer. right?! there was an after-party too that i wasn't feeling up to, but i heard it got pretty crazy. you are only 30 once.

of course i've been thinking about all the things i love about adam lately. you know, birthdays tend to do that. he is exactly the man God created for me. he challenges me. he loves me well. he cares for me. he has become a rock and refuge to me. he makes me feel so beautiful. he is sensitive. he is intelligent. he is really funny and whitty. we have this joke b/c a lot of times people say to him (about being married to me), "you must laugh all the time." i think he's just now able to enjoy that b/c he is pretty stinking funny too, just not as loud and obnoxious as me. you have to allow his humor to linger a bit. we both laugh a lot. he's authentic and real. he's a thinker. he really is my best friend. and he is the best daddy ever. we are learning a bunch and growing closer in the process. i'm thankful for adam. happy birthday to the man i love!!

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Happy Birthday Adam!