Thursday, February 24, 2011


in case you haven't heard (or seen) i was on the local news last night. by no means does this mean i'm famous. yet. but i'm beginning to see and feel the whole "15 minutes of fame" thing. i mean--i only had like 2 minutes! i didn't so much like the way i looked on t.v. (it really does add 10 lbs) but it was fun to be on t.v. i'm realizing how absurd i'm sounding right now. out of control. anyway, if you haven't seen it here is the link

Cleaning for a Reason was such a gift to us. i never really feel like cleaning much less during treatment. having Minit Maids come in and really clean our house during treatment was so great. so, when they emailed me last week to see if i wanted another (free) cleaning i was all over it. they said the news wanted to do a story on cleaning for a reason & minit maids but i don't think i realized what that really meant until my friend, morgan fogarty, came over to chat. :) i thought she did a great job telling our story in such a short time after us talking for about 45 minutes. she and her camera guy, Carlos, were great. the cleaning crew from mm were awesome too. every time they've come, they have been great. and being in a clean house feels really great. thanks y'all!

(as a side note, i do think cleaning for a reason should be for men too. right now it's for women only.)


nancy said...

I loved it! I wish it was longer. I know you had to look at the reporter and couldn't really smile when you talked, but it was awesome!! It was so fun to see Charis as well. She wears her pink onesie (I WEAR PINK FOR MY MOM ) well! So glad they chose you for the story. How fun! I love and miss you all TONS!!

Jessamy said...

Booo, there is something wrong with the video - it won't play for me! I'll try again later. xoxo