Thursday, February 17, 2011

picture perfect

i have great friends. they are all over the place. they are like me and so different from me. they tell a greater story. i am thankful for my friends.

my friendships are being transformed by this journey. it's been so great and sometimes hard to move with the changes. new friendships have sprung up while old friendships have deepened. it's like a total friendship garden. cheesy, i know, but that is the image that popped in my head. god is teaching me so much during this journey, especially through my friendships.

i have great friends who are amazing photographers. i have been fortunate to be in front of their cameras. (lucky for them too) if you've ever gotten professional pictures taken (i'm not talking sears or olan mills), then you know it's hard to pick your favorites, get them enlarged and printed then framed then hung on your wall. recently, a friend offered to do this for me. i was thrilled. it's something that hasn't been on my "to do list" lately so i was thankful when she offered. i handed over my discs and she took on the task of going through maybe a hundred or two or more pictures of us. we are now forever stamped on her mind. oh goodness. we were going to go pick out frames at ikea, when she called to tell me that she and her husband wanted to do this for us. i was so overwhelmed and thankful for their generosity in doing this. i'll be honest, when she proposed the idea, i really had no clue what it would entail. she is an artist so i knew it would be awesome. she texted me tuesday to say it was all ready to be hung. she came over and 2 hours later i have this on my wall

i wanted to cry. i wanted to thank her a million times. there has been no way for me to express what a gift this is to us. i mean, unbelievable. i loved sitting and watching her measure and mark, measure and mark then hang then measure and mark again. i am so amazed at her ability to love us in this. she knew that having these pictures up would bring us joy. and it does. i could stare at them all day without them getting old. i love the pictures she chose. i love that she spent the time to cut them to fit ikea frames. i love that she took such painstaking detail to make sure they were even and the perfect display. i love that she loved us enough to do this.
thank you so much, taryn.


Rebecca said...

Those look awesome!!! Is she for hire!?! Hanging pictures stresses me out too!

Theanne and Baron said...

Compliments to Taryn, she did a fantastic job picking and hanging! How fortunate to have such a dear friend!