Saturday, July 30, 2011

Five Years!

on our hike on the blue ridge
i've been thinking a lot about writing something to commemorate our 5 years of marriage. but haven't really come up with anything. it seems like such a milestone. i mean, we really are no longer newlyweds and probably haven't been for about 4 years. i'm not sure i had any expectations of where i thought we'd be at 5 years but i'm sure it looked different than it actually does. and i wouldn't trade it.

bright & beautiful local fresh flowers
this weekend has become so significant for reasons other than our wedding falling on it. 5 years ago we got married at a local park and then had our reception at Queens. it happened to fall on the same weekend as the 24 hours of booty. we left our reception on a rickshaw and took part of the booty loop. i had no idea that we'd be back at the booty loop but this time first as friends of a survivor and then as a survivor myself. we've had a "hope for sydney" team ride for the past 3 years (including this weekend). and last year a few riders were sporting "hope for amy patwa" jerseys. so, it feels strange and sweet to have our 5 year anniversary fall on the same weekend as the 24 hours of booty.

the Hope for Sydney team 2011
another cool thing that happened was that our wedding photographer sent me a FB message a week or so ago asking if he could take pictures of us at the same park we got married. it was just something he wanted to do. so, he drove down from raleigh and we met him at the park this morning. of course we've added one to the mix. i know that we will cherish having these pictures taken. i want to freeze as much time with adam and charis as i can.

my little diva
i think God has chosen adam and i uniquely to live life together. he challenges me and so many ways as i'm sure i do him as well. we have so much fun together. i am safest when i am with adam. and that feels really good. as we begin this next year of marriage faced with a cancer relapse there is definitely some uncertainties. i am so thankful God chose adam to be the one to love me and care for me during this battle/journey/experience (whatever you want to call it).

enjoying a pedi!
we've had fun celebrating this year...dinner at del frisco's, a weekend away in blowing rock, breakfast, fresh flowers, an anniversary photo shoot, and a couples pedi. i can't wait to share the pictures with you. and i'm going to leave you with a link to a blog post adam wrote in 2008 because i love the way he expresses himself.

kisses from his favorite little carebear

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Chrisann said...

Happy Anniversary!! Celebrating your 5 years together and all that the Lord has done in and through your marriage. Love the photos and loved looking back at the 2008 post. Very sweet and thought provoking. Blessings!