Monday, July 4, 2011

frontier or bust

i remember the first time i went to Frontier Ranch with some of my still close friends. i can't believe i got to go back 16 years later. it really is one of my favorite places. and doing young life is one of my favorite things.

i missed half the week of camp, but being out there for the 3 days i got to be there was TOTALLY worth it. it actually felt longer. as many of you know i begged my 2 senior friends to go, so i knew i had to be there for part of the time. plus there were 7 other girls and a bunch of guys i was excited to get to know. i had such a blast with all these kids. they were just so easy to be around and willing to have some real conversations. i wish i could tell you all about camp...about the ridiculous things we do and the message that kids get to hear about how God is patiently pursuing them daily and loves them just as they are and about the silly things that allow them to actually be kids and the stories we got to hear and about the people they get to meet and all the other amazing things that make Young Life camp life changing. we took 27 kids from Country Day and i know each one of them had a blast.

nicole, me and elizabeth before ridgerunners
i got to be in a cabin with 9 girls. let me first say that high school girls today are way cuter than we were (sorry friends). and i think i'm thankful for the weird fashions of the 90's because i just wouldn't survive today. :) these girls were so fun to be with and really willing to be real. i think we all are looking for authentic relationships and in high school those are hard to come by. the other leaders and i want more than anything for these girls to know how much they are loved. sometimes that's hard for us to believe. but i think that this week they got to experience some of that, and that makes me excited.

the girls before horses...erin, lisa, carley, grayson
elizabeth, me, nicole, melissa, lizzie, megan & ally

one thing being at Frontier also did for me was make me sad that i'm not working for YL anymore. i'm thankful that i can still be a part of YL as a leader. there are just other opportunities that come with staff that i will miss. oh well. for now i get to hang out with high school kids and tell them about Jesus and the hope i have in Him, even in the midst of what's going on in my life. this is better than anything else. i'm excited to know these girls, not just these 4 years of high school, but for many years to come just like me and my own YL leader.

the whole CCDS gang!!!


Rebecca said...

So glad you had a great time at Frontier Amy! Love you friend!

Chrisann said...

There is just nothing like a week of YL camp! So glad you got to be there and experience camp with these girls. Your willingness to be authentic with them will be life changing as the Lord works in their hearts. Praying for much fruit from the week as you follow up and continue to invest in these students. Blessings!

Blair said...

so glad you made it to camp. praying for your appointments this week!