Saturday, July 9, 2011

what is she? twenty months!?

20 months, just over a year and a half. how do i answer the "how old is she" question? who really cares! she is a freaking blast! so incredibly feisty. and by feisty i mean lots of good-i'm-strong-willed type of behaviors. she brings me such joy that at times i could burst. has that ever really happened to someone? and sometimes it's super i screwing her up for the rest of her life? maybe. is there redemption in my parenting? yes. i just know that God has gifted us to be her parents and i'm so thankful. and i hope there are places like the Barnabas Center when she needs them.

- she has learned the skill of tantrum throwing. apparently this is an innate skill because i don't remember teaching it to her in between animal sounds. there must be something that tells them, "throw yourself on the ground and scream/cry." seriously?! they don't last long all the time, but can either be hilarious or completely frustrating.

- she is hell bent on feeding herself everything. she'll rarely ask for help. the other day she was finger painting with apple sauce. i'm realizing that it's is more about me b/c it'd be way more convenient if she let me help her. sometimes meal time just takes longer. and i think that's okay. maybe one day i'll wish for this time...slow family dinners.

- okay so i think she's pretty freaking smart. (duh, every parent thinks their kid is) i guess i'm just so amazed at the new connections she is making. for instance, we heard thunder today and then she said "rain." i guess i thought i'd "teach" her things like this, but she gets them on her own. she's talking a lot. no word count but saying lots of words on her own and repeating a ton. and she still speaks in some crazy kid gibberish language that i love to hear.

- she enjoys some green smoothies with me. i recently got a killer blender (thanks for lots of friends) and i make lots of smoothies with green stuff like kale. she calls it "juice" and loves them. she still eats like a champ. her new thing is hummus wraps with tomato.

so excited

saying "juice"

drink up!

- she has also learned how to give real hugs and the best is when she wraps her arms so tightly around our necks. even at 2 in the morning

- our friends the doctors bergeron and their little girl lilly came for a quick visit this month. jaclyn and blake are super refreshing for us. lilly is about 8 months older than charis and it was fun to watch them check each other out and play together. we're hoping to make a trip to memphis in the fall to be with them again.

charis & lilly

nothing but love choke hold

- we've had a crazy month so i've totally slacked on taking "charis notes" and even pictures. this in no way reflects her busy-ness. she is bubbling with personality.

- she loves swimming. when we go to my dad's pool she gets all brave and tries to walk straight in off the edge. she loves being in the water and is getting more and more comfortable.

swimming with isaiah

- she got to spend a week with her paw paw, maw maw and aunt sara. and she loved it. her wardrobe and shoe collection also expanded. she warmed up to them so quickly that adam and i left them with her while we stayed at my dad's for a few nights. it's always fun to watch the grandparents enjoy her.

- she still loves being outside even though it's a bagillion degrees out. we honestly aren't out there as much except to go on bike rides. i'm ready for a break in this heat so we can be outside more.

playing in the water

i feel like there are things i'm missing this month. partly because i didn't do a good job of recording what she's been up to and because she is up to so much and doing so many different things that i'm not keeping up. she is so fun and can be hard at times. but i also realize those hard times are so small in the scheme of things...they are just a blip. i usually don't realize this until after they are over b/c during i'm afraid i won't make it. while i was a camp i was talking with some of the girls about having a girl and what i wanted. you remember that age where you think you can dictate your future..."i will get marred at this age and have this many kids and i think i want 2 girls and a boy." well, i did always think i'd be a boy mom...but i was telling the girls that i'm so thankful for having a girl because we get to tell her whose she is and that she is beautiful no matter what the world tells her. i think it's such a privilege to be a parent in general and that we get to teach our daughters and sons pretty valuable stuff. i'm so incredibly thankful for this time with charis.

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