Friday, October 21, 2011

dear dss,

i know i dissed you pretty hardcore in my earlier post. i'm sure you'd like to hear me say i'm going to take it back, but i'm not. i think you still deserve the criticism and could improve in some or rather many areas. i'm just saying...

but i do need to thank you for getting back to me so very quickly. i was ready to wait the standard 45 days. i really was. so when i saw the envelope in my mail stack with a mecklenburg county return address i wasn't sure what it could be. surely it couldn't be your decision about whether or not we got approved for charis' medicaid. no, couldn't be. i mean, technically, it's only been 6 days. i know 6! i can hardly believe it myself. when i opened up the letter i skipped through all the nonsense just to see the words i wanted to see..."The application for MEDICAID INFANT/CHILDREN for Charis Patwa is approved." Yay! Yippee! I'm so excited!! My previously uninsured baby girl is now insured!!! i mean, i knew we would be eligible. i'm so glad. in fact, i immediately made her appointment for her 2 year well check up.

so, thank you dss and my vague caseworker whose name is just a strand of letters and has a generic phone number. thank you. i'm serious. i probably won't be back to visit you any time soon though.
your friend,


Chrisann said...

So glad it all worked out!

t-bird said...

awesome! that's more like it!