Tuesday, October 11, 2011

a little bit of syd

i was "surfing the net" recently and found this video. first i saw a picture of this girl and she reminded me of my friend, sydney. so then i watched her TED video (i'm still not clear on what TED is). sydney had the funnest wardrobe. if i was her size i would have borrowed lots of stuff. she wore lots of color and funky styles and looked great in anything polyester. she wasn't afraid to wear something crazy, like those long shorts that looked like a skirt. and she could definitely accessorize. she made most of her jewelry and it was pretty rad. we both had a love of thrift shops. one of our first "dates" was at the salvation army. i always see something she would love when i'm at a thrift store. i think sydney would have liked this jessi girl. i do.

Jessi Arrington: Wearing nothing new | Video on TED.com

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Laurel Upton said...

I actually know what TED is. Every Friday my biology teacher shows us a "TED Talk." It is a video of a scientist/ regular person/ innovator discussing some experiments or discoveries they've been making that influence the science world. They are super cool and I can't wait to show my teacher this one! Thanks so much Amy!