Monday, October 3, 2011

the pink cancer fairy

i have no idea what comes over me on the day of the Race for the Cure but it's something for sure. i think it's God's way of helping me enjoy life. it's His way of allowing me to be who He made me to be in all my pink (and maybe even obnoxious) glory. but, it's a day that i get to be with so many people i love and who love me, who wake up extra early to don something pink with their "team patwa" t-shirt and walk 3 miles with me. i love it all. i love being surrounded by these people. i love getting to be a part of a bigger community of survivors and their loved ones. i love getting to wear a pink wig, fairy wings, knee high socks and fishnets.

me and & team captain

my friend (& old yl girl) leah
this was my 2nd year doing the race as a survivor. and sometimes it's weird that the reason the event even happens is because of and for woman like me. women whose lives have been turned upside down with a cancer diagnosis. i'm one of those women, and i still can't believe it.

me and my mom...a survivor herself of 13 years

most of the time i am so thankful for where God has me. i know that may sound crazy. and i'm not being all "religious" by saying the "right" thing while feeling something different. look, i'll be honest when i say that sometimes our life is really hard and it can totally suck. now that alone is enough for me to pull the covers over my head and never emerge. AND, lately the verse (and sundsay school song) that plays in my head is, "This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it." we have so much to be thankful for. so much. and although there is a lot of uncertainty we know that God is faithful and good. life might feel unfair, but He isn't. life might feel crazy and chaotic, but He is not. people may disappoint, but He does not. for me, it's living in the AND...the tension of the good & bad, joy & pain. i can't ignore what's hard or scary, but I can take those to Jesus. it's where i find comfort and strength for each day. i think God made me for this trial. as crazy as that sounds. i believe it. and i believe that He is using this to draw me closer to Him, to reveal Himself to others, to grow and deepen my marriage, to bring me sweet and joyful moments with Charis, to change me and maybe those around me.

the girls from West Charlotte:

wc girls mk,jessamy,sal,me,julie,lindsay,kristin

my bf chaille

my sweet friends hannah & taryn

if i could go around charlotte in my pink wig and fishnets i totally would. and i might. because i have cancer. although i can't really do whatever i want, i do have more liberties to do something crazy. right?! i mean, who's going to say something to me?! oh sassy. i think that's why i loved the outfit so much. oh and i also got to have a piece with DeAngelo Williams and some topcats that was pretty amazing. let's just say it involved me "flying in" then doing a sort of mary katherine gallagher pose then "flying out." i think it was pretty life-changing for those who witnessed it. :) oh goodness.

a little glimpse at the action

so, here is to another year. i am thankful for my family and friends that are a part of "team patwa" on the day of and in spirit. i guess i'd rather us not have to do it, but we do, so let's do it right! i hope we'll be back next year as a team and i hope to be cancer free then.

these two make it all worth fighting for!!


taryn said...

Oh goodness, is RIGHT woman! Just when DeAngelo thought it was rocked his world AGAIN! No wonder they locked him up in that mini tower. I love you too much.

Chrisann said...

Love the pictures - love your honesty - love your spirit - love the Jesus in you.

Amanda said...

Amy, love your photos and your story. And I think you should absolutely go around in your pink wig!

kimberlybender said...

I love how God is showing up for you. It's an encouraging reminder of the joy that can come through struggle. Happy to see you having so much fun and sorry I had to miss all the action :)

Rebecca said...

You are amazing - seriously, amazing! That is what kept crossing my mind when you were "flapping" your wings and making everyone laugh during your 'Superstar' moment! I really want to see the finished product if the Panthers send it to you! I am so thankful to be your friend and am so thankful for your honesty and vulnerability. You are amazing. :)