Thursday, June 9, 2011

19 months

charis is 19 months and officially a toddler. this past month has been a blast and i feel like she has just "blossomed." we are enjoying her a ton. i mean, it'd probably be weird to say we weren't enjoying her, right? she's talking a bunch. she's becoming super social. she is apparently getting taller because she can reach things now. it's a good thing i'm on a decluttering spree. she has a bit of an independent spirit for sure. she wants to do a lot on her own but isn't afraid to ask for help. but sometimes she doesn't want any help. and then there is a meltdown. after a few minutes she regroups and it's back to doing it on her own. we are staying busy and enjoying life. she continues to be a delight...

- earlier in may we went to the beach with some YL staff women. although it rained a lot we got a little beach time. charis loved the water and taking fistfuls of sand to dump on herself. i hope we'll get another family beach trip in...maybe the fall.

- we got her a new bike seat that is awesome. it goes on the front of our bike between the rider and the handlebars. and she absolutely loves it. every time she sees a bike she says "bike, bike." it's fun that she's in the front too b/c she can see stuff, so she'll point or talk about things she sees. oh, and thanks to a friend we go the $100 seat for only $40 at kid to kid. yay!

- she likes to make a fish face, which is so cute. and now she gives hugs and kisses. oh i love to cuddle with her, whether it's reading books at night or in the morning or just because she wants to cuddle. i remember a friend saying that they start hugging around this time, and it's true!

- as i said with her independent spirit she likes to feed herself. i typically don't mind if it's in bite-size pieces, but yogurt and applesauce? she's still figuring out the spoon but it doesn't seem to be efficient enough for her. and she gets pissed if we try to help her. so for the most part meals can be pretty messy or interesting. she's still eating great. she loves tomatoes. she is also back on bananas which has been her favorite for a while. she's recently tried cabbage too. and i made some yummy cuban black beans that she gobbles up.

- she finished up her first year of preschool/daycare. i'm not sure what it's technically called, but she went 3 days a week while i worked this past year and she loved it. her teachers were great too. she's signed up for a month this summer and maybe in the fall.

charis and her cute school friend, desiree
- she's talking a ton. my favorite is "water" and she says it all the time...when it rains, when we drive by a fountain, when she wants a drink. it's pretty cute. she's also repeating a ton. i'm amazed at how much and how appropriately she says "no."

i just love this picture
- over memorial day weekend we took a family trip to the mountains, which was great. the weather was wonderful. we took a couple "hikes" and charis was awesome. one went around a lake so she was saying "water" a ton. after our hike adam took her in the water and she was so cute in her diaper and keens. oh and she loved it.

- she's been having some potty issues and one night we experienced a "rectal prolapse" which was kind of traumatizing. we put her in the bath and things went back to normal after a few minutes. after seeing the doctor they decided not to do anything and hopefully it will fix itself. but she's definitely going poo a ton. i've also decided to put off the potty training...her doctor said to wait til after my surgery b/c she might be traumatized with me being in the hospital and not being able to hold her. that was enough for me...i mean she'll pee in a potty when she's ready

- her bed recently broke so we have a bed rail in place of the crib rail. i think it was an adjustment for her at first and now she tries to climb over it, but thankfully she hasn't fallen out.

she has become a real legit person. everything about her is really fun. disciplining is a whole other issue. i have no idea what we are doing and sometimes she's just so stinking cute. i'm realizing already that i need to be consistent and i'm finding that can be a challenge. i'm thankful that she is really good for others like at the Y and when friends come to watch her. she is funny too. we are enjoying watching her personality and become this feisty, sweet and fun little lady. i'm so so thankful for her...i recently found my journal from when we found out i was pregnant and during was fun to read about my anticipation for her and now she's here and it's way better and more amazing than i could have dreamed.

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