Monday, June 6, 2011


okay so as the hair gets longer it remains OUT.OF.CONTROL. seriously. i think i was digging the bald head over this but it's also nice to have hair. crazy post chemo dilemmas. anyway, it's moved from the cory from boy meets world to more like michael jackson's thriller days. or even soul glow from coming to america. you get what i'm saying...i'm rocking the 80's jheri (jerry) curl. see for yourself.



i have to admit that it's nice to only wash my hair about twice a week. yes, that is correct. otherwise it's a poof. i realized early on that i will get to go through every awkward stage with my hair as it grows back. even though i don't love it, it's kinda fun to see what crazy turn it's going to take.

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nancy said...

Amy... I can't wait to see your hair. It also looks darker. But hard to tell in a picture.

Love you TONS!!