Tuesday, June 28, 2011

colorado bound

there has been a lot going on...

i'm excited to "report" that i am heading to Colorado to join my friends at Frontier late wednesday night. i couldn't get an earlier flight, so i'll be pulling into camp pretty late. but i'll get 3 full days of camp and some great time with my girls. i'm super excited.

i was able to get my PET and CT scans scheduled for early wednesday morning. it'll feel good to get these out of the way. i've never had a PET scan before and they always feel really serious. i'm glad i'll have them done early b/c you can't eat. such torture. my follow up with my oncologist isn't until next wednesday, so there is more waiting involved. but with the holiday weekend there really isn't much to do and that frees me up to get away. my reconstruction is still scheduled for july 8th, but is clearly "up in the air" based on the results of the scans.

being at camp and in colorado will be good for my soul. not only being in one of the most beautiful places on earth, but getting to be with my high school friends. it is so life-giving. and in light of what is going on, i'm looking forward to it.

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Chrisann said...

I love Frontier. What a great, refreshing place for you to spend some time. I'm with you - there is nothing like students to remind me what life is all about! ENJOY May the peace of Christ settle over your heart and His JOY fill you up in the mountains.