Wednesday, June 22, 2011

for the cure

there are lots of things out there "for the cure" and i'm honestly not always sure what that means. i was asked by Komen Charlotte if they could tell my survivor story. i was thrilled b/c i'm all about sharing my story. as a young woman (and mom) with cancer it can feel completely isolating. things are happening to my body that shouldn't for 40 more years or even ever. but they are. adam and i are constantly saying, "this is just part of our story." we are continuing to figure out how God wants us to live this story out and share it with others. i'm thinking a book and maybe even get on the Ellen show. :) i will take any and every opportunity to share my story to help other young women either prevent this from happening to them or to help them navigate through this tough tough journey. i've already gotten to meet 3 other women my age and in similar stages of life going through this. it's been good for all of us. anyway, one thing Komen Charlotte is doing is joining with Carowinds for an awareness/fundraiser event for BC. you can adopt a (pink) duck, get special priced tickets for certain days and other stuff "for the cure." but my story, along with other local women, is posted on the carowinds site. that's kind of exciting for me. check it out here. and come out to the park. i think i'll also be on some Race stuff as we get closer to the date for October 1st and join Team Patwa again this year.

anyway, just wanted to share. i mean, between the fox news piece and this i'm becoming pretty famous. :)

and just because she's so stinking cute....


Blair said...

marking oct 1 on my calendar now! elliot and i will both be there :)

Chrisann said...

Got your update today via my Mom, Ann Cunningham. My brother is Kevin. Just read a few of your posts and I am really blown away by your transparency and your faith. I am praying for you and your sweet family. The Jesus in you is strong. Thank you for challenging me to be mroe.